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Mortar Blockchain

📄️ Protocol Overview

The Mortar Real Estate ecosystem provides key infrastructure for the tokenization of commercial real estate assets. The goal is to have Mortar Chain act as a place where users can mint new properties or purchase fractional shares and developers can build decentralized applications to service the CRE industry. By using the Mortar protocol, commercial real estate owners can fractionalize their properties, making them more liquid and easily transferable. In addition, investors can gain access to markets with lower capital requirements by purchasing fractional shares.

📄️ Tokenomics

Since the Mortar blockchain is proof-of-stake, we rely on a set of validators to run nodes that provide consensus and security for the network. Validators are required to stake their own capital so that the network can enforce specific connectivity thresholds and trustworthy consensus. Validators that do not act honestly have their staked capital slashed. This proof-of-stake framework determines the economic model for our utility token, called Brick (BRCK). Beyond validating, this token will be used to pay fees for network usage and as a unit of exchange between parties. At Genesis, there will be 60 million BRCK minted, of which a portion will be liquid and others staked.